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Patch #1215
Patch #1214
Patch #1213
Patch #1212
Patch #1211
Patch #1210
Patch #1209
Patch #1208
Patch #1206
Patch #1205
★★★★ Old school pad/lead
DISCO TOMS Disco Tom style sound. Could sound like a Vermona percussion as well.
Patch #1202
Patch #1201
★★★★ Canora bass
FTH - charpIC
★★★★ <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">los motorizados</font></font> <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Descripción</font></font>
★★★★ Patch #1196
Patch #1195
Patch #1194
Patch #1192
Patch #1191
★★★ Climbing the walls - BASS<br> Bass From Radiohead's Song Climbing The Walls - Note : B - G - E -- E - G - A - B<br>
★★★ Kawai-Whistle
Patch #1188
Patch #1187
BASS PonYTAIL<br> Play with ENV AMT and CUTOFF<br>
★★ Chaos Bass This is probably my favourite patch yet. Super deep and epic sounding on high volume. Make sure to use good speakers or headphones to fully experience it. Knobs need to be very precise to achieve this sound so make sure you are accurate. This thing really shines in the -1 octave as well.<div>*Mod Wheel At Max*</div><div>Please email me at kadenus@icloud.com if you like it since I'm pretty new to the MicroBrute and would love feedback.</div><div>Also, play with both the amount and rate on the LFO to get even more cool sounds.</div>
Patch #1184 Gritty Bass
★★★ Sweet Lead<br> Sweet Lead play with LFO, Cutoff, glide, release and Env Amount<br>
★★★★★ BASS BOY HARSHER<br> Bass Like Boy Harsher from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2AvowtjC8U<br>
Insanity Was messing around and made this. Pretty cool especially if you hold a note for long enough.
Evil SAWBASS<div><br></div>
oRGAN No Pops, but not as realistic
Patch #1178
★★★★ Pseudo organ (WIP) Set Mod Wheel to Middle. Not perfect, filter/oscillator "clicks"
★★★ Spaceship
★★★★ Bass - Air - LA femme d argent<br>
Patch #1174
DuBStep Mod Bass A wobbly mod bass&nbsp;
Drone / glitch
★★★★★ Chorus BASS
★★★★ psyco
DelaYED BASS With a sequence, try doing Overtone sweeps. Use the triangle knob to trigger the Metalizer. You can also play with the Pulse With knob.
Patch #1166

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