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★★★ Morodish Moroder, Giorgio, bass, midnight express
★★★★ miserable bass revisited
★★ Robot
★★ DIST-DIRT Disto dirt
★★★★ Patch #661
Patch #660
Patch #659
★★ techops bubbly wah
Hi hat easy patch for hi hat sound
★★★★ HI HAT great hi hat sound
Patch #655
★★★ Miserable bass
Patch #652
Patch #651
Patch #650
SNARE A nice '80s snare sound from the microbruto<div>You have to put some white or pink noise into the input!!! Try the app "white noise" for windows phone such as noise generator!!</div>
★★★★ harsh square bass
<span id="title-text" style="font-style: normal; font-variant: normal;">SYNTHETIC BELLS&nbsp;</span>
★★★★ delayed acid bass
★★★★ PERCUSSIVE bass
Bowser Rubbishy guitar
canopy filter both lfo and env are going to filter on mod matrix.
★★★★ String Sequence https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/15571LFO -> PWM or Pitch; LFO -> KMS Filter CV1; ENV -> KMS VCA CV2
★★★★ gérald Descendre Cutoff, Env Amt, KBD Tracking. 
★★★ 80s Riff basic sound Useful for bass or just fat riffs
★★★★ OLGA/ODySSEY LEAD Ride the Mod wheel to control cutoff freq
★★★★★ Track 4 Seq  Start with Triangle at 0 and introduce later on and increase release time. Manipulate cutoff with Mod wheel throughout
★★★ Dat thriller bass clone
★★★ String Solo Reverb &/or delay requiredPlay with LFO amount & modwheel
★★★ Square Mover Apply some delay (preset 64, 65 in Alesis Multimix 8 works fine)Also use this one with Karl Marx Stadt: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/15440
★★★★ Space Drum Pitch Mod Drum. Experiment with Metalizer amount, Brute Factor and Filter ENV.
★★★ Transmission Aliens are communicating via waves. Experiment with mod wheel and good quality, long reverberation.
★★★★ kick lo-g
Oblivion's thoughts Pattern is ccggccggccbbccbb, play bass strings on it.
★★★★★ Brutal Bass Saw, triangle and overtone
★★ Snare play between f and c
★★ ORGANLIKE LEAD Use Modwheel and LFO Rate for 'leslie' effect
Gentle Lead Use Pulse Width and Metalizer for subtle timbre variations
★★★ 'Rain' patch Change the Sequencer Rate and Envelope Release as it runs for different sized rain drops. 
★★★★ Lead  Mod Wheel - Max 
★★★ CRAZY LEAD  Mod Wheel - MAX
★★★★★ Efx 1  Mod Wheel - Max
★★★ Lead 1  Mood Wheel - Max
Lead1 Mod Wheel - Max 
Rise Mod Wheel - MAX 
★★★★★ Ratchet control Bass to use with & control this patch:https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14968ENV -> MB Gate inPlay with VCA ENV Amt
★★★★ Cold Dark cello-like bass. Add some hall (cathedral) reverb.C C# A# | G# F F# |
Kati's fat bass Just a fat bass sound with LFO

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