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★★★ Bump wahyin a bump followed quickly by a 70's esque cutoff noise.
Patch #703
Patch #701
Patch #700
★★★ meganoise blow your ear
Patch #698
★★★★ WG#1  Kind of BOC style lead
★★★ broot flute Nice flute like sound.  Great when arp or sequenced.  Try turning cutoff and Brute Factor to 10 o'clock position for smoother sound.  Use mod wheel to modulate cutoff.  May want to patch LFO to nothing to shut it off.
★★★ Low Bass Build please use MOD Wheel to warp & Filter Cutoff... The Envelope Amount is fun also :) 
★★★★ stand ground<br> Stand Ground by Stanislav Abraham (Data Live)<br>
★★★★ ACID bass<br> ACID patch by jAUF<br>
★★★ mystics<br> Metalizer = half past 5/4<br>Resonance = one 1/2 past 3/4<br>Brute Factor = half past 6/4 <br>
★★★ Patch #690 Reso spooky
Patch #689
★★★★ 808 Style Bass
Sawbass my head off. Work the envelope for percussive fx
★★★★ Which one is Pink? pink floyd style mellow solo patch, add reverb and delay. mod controls vibrato
Patch #685
Patch #684
★★★★★ test Description test
★★★★ cone destroyer Patch I made that recreates the Cone Destroyer patch on u-he's Zebra virtual synth. One of my favorite basses, good for long, droopy bass lines. The filter should be on the verge of self oscilating. PWM doesn't add much of a noticeable effect but is good for just adding a slight bit of movement to the tone. Make sure your VCA switch is turned to Gate so that you get the punch of the initial sound before the filter opens up with the envelope.
Patch #681
★★ Organ An Organ Patch. Also, I added a patch cable from the pitch out to the PWM jack.<br>
BASS 2016<br>
★★★★ Under-rumble Tweak the metalizer to get different effects. And move the cutoff very slightly to change the sound.
Patch #677
★★★ Square 2<br> Preset 16<br>
Square 2<br> Preset 16<br>
Bass patch
★★★★★ Hi-Hat Dualtrx
★★★★★ Patch #671
★★★★ AC arp dirty lead<br> Add Nanoverb Stereo Delay (program 4). Sequencer Pattern 8 (original). NOTE: See Sequencer Rate.<br>
vELOCITY MOD velocity input is modulating the filter, keep it under 10
Patch #668
Patch #667
Torso 5<br>
★★★ Morodish Moroder, Giorgio, bass, midnight express
★★★★ miserable bass revisited
★★ Robot
★★ DIST-DIRT Disto dirt
★★★★ Patch #661
Patch #660
Patch #659
★★ techops bubbly wah
Hi hat easy patch for hi hat sound
★★★★ HI HAT great hi hat sound

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