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★★★ 80s Riff basic sound Useful for bass or just fat riffs
★★★★★ OLGA/ODySSEY LEAD Ride the Mod wheel to control cutoff freq
★★★★★ Track 4 Seq  Start with Triangle at 0 and introduce later on and increase release time. Manipulate cutoff with Mod wheel throughout
★★★ Dat thriller bass clone
★★★ String Solo Reverb &/or delay requiredPlay with LFO amount & modwheel
★★★ Square Mover Apply some delay (preset 64, 65 in Alesis Multimix 8 works fine)Also use this one with Karl Marx Stadt: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/15440
★★★★★ Space Drum Pitch Mod Drum. Experiment with Metalizer amount, Brute Factor and Filter ENV.
★★★ Transmission Aliens are communicating via waves. Experiment with mod wheel and good quality, long reverberation.
★★★★ kick lo-g
Oblivion's thoughts Pattern is ccggccggccbbccbb, play bass strings on it.
★★★★★ Brutal Bass Saw, triangle and overtone
★★ Snare play between f and c
★★ ORGANLIKE LEAD Use Modwheel and LFO Rate for 'leslie' effect
Gentle Lead Use Pulse Width and Metalizer for subtle timbre variations
★★★ 'Rain' patch Change the Sequencer Rate and Envelope Release as it runs for different sized rain drops. 
★★★★ Lead  Mod Wheel - Max 
★★★ CRAZY LEAD  Mod Wheel - MAX
★★★★★ Efx 1  Mod Wheel - Max
★★★ Lead 1  Mood Wheel - Max
Lead1 Mod Wheel - Max 
Rise Mod Wheel - MAX 
★★★★★ Ratchet control Bass to use with & control this patch:https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14968ENV -> MB Gate inPlay with VCA ENV Amt
★★★★ Cold Dark cello-like bass. Add some hall (cathedral) reverb.C C# A# | G# F F# |
Kati's fat bass Just a fat bass sound with LFO
★★★★★ Filtered bass ptch Round subby bass, LFO controlling filter
★★★ Electric Guitar Distorted Electric Guitar Sound from https://youtu.be/1cToL16O7Wc?t=2m5s
★★★★ MY AWESOME BASSLINE storm's awesome bassline
★★★★★ The Bells! The Bells! Play with BVCA bias, MB LFO & ENV amount & don't forget modwheel!MB LFO -> BVCA CV1 / BVCA out -> MB Pitch in / 1v oct, gate & synchttps://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14793
★★★★ singing hihat start mod wheel in middleplay with env & mod
★★★★★ Bass #1 Round bass, LFO on PWM
★★ Paranoid Guitars suckz! (updated version)XAOC Inv out -> MB Metal in / MB LFO out -> BVCA CV1 + Gate & CVhttps://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14708
★★★★ 5toned Guitars suckz! :PXAOC Inv out -> MB Metal in / MB LFO out -> BVCA CV1https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14708
Clap thing Sequencer plus LFO Rate WTF. Mod to adjust.
High Hat Sequencer with rests. Mess with release and LFO.
Kick Mess with filter, envelope, lfo, metalizer, brute
Kick Sequencer. Trip on slow LFO bounce with mod wheel.
Snare Fun with sequencer. Adjust with LFO rate, amount, and mod wheel.
Metal Bells Yeah, pretty metal
squelch peak Bass finetune till ~2 squelch per env peak
★★★★ Crystalake1 To use with this one: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/patches/view/14582Beatstep CV -> Pitch in
Bombo - Analog Kick Síntesis Percusiva
★★★★★ Tom - Analog Tom Síntesis Percusiva
★★★★ Analog Kick - Bombo Síntesis Percusiva
Distorsion Best effect if the envelope trigger is by note
★★★★★ Macrosub This sub bass was discovered after toying with the most abrasive tear-out sounds. Cut everything after 100hz with a 4-pole curve on an EQ and this patch will make you fucking sick with bass weight. 
Requiem An attempt at the keyboard in Killing Joke's Requiem.
Click Literally just a click
Mr. Hyde Use it with Dr. Jekyll on XAOC's Karl Marx Stadt ;)
The Duke Arrives Bright synth. Use it with Beatstep (CV out -> Pitch in) & XAOC's Karl Marx Stadt (preset 'Carpentercore 303')
Motor Square Can be used as Tech Bass or as a hollow, tubular sounding Solo Synth.

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