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★★★★★ Bass
★★★★★ Akai Timbre Wolf clone (OMG!)<br> Ok, this patch is the closest I could get to the legendary 'Akai Timbre Wolf' sound. The Akai Timbre Wolf is a 4-voice analog synthesizer capable of playing in Mono mode (one voice at a time), Unisson mode (all voices at the same time) and Polyphonic mode (all four voices in rotation). Of course, since the Arturia Microbrute is a monophonic synth you can only try and reproduce the Wolf in Mono mode. <br><br>Despite having 4 voices, the Wolf offers only a few control parameters for each voice individually, and all controls are the same for each voice. You have controls for Volume, Tune, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Envelope Amount, Decay, and you can choose between the Sawtooth and Square waves. That's all! All those parameters are present on the Arturia Microbrute, so in this patch have basically an initial patch with the Wolf's parameters tweaked. If you never heard of the Akai Timbre Wolf before, try searching for the few videos of jams featuring it on YouTube, and after trying this patch on your own Microbrute you will instantly recognize the Wolf's unique sound.&nbsp; <br><br>And remember, if you really want to trick your audience into believing you are playing an actual Akai Timbre Wolf, just stick to the few parametters I've mentioned above and leave the other controls untouched. The Timbre Wolf also has a 'Howl' knob, which is an integrated distortion circuit to beef-up your sound. The Arturia Microbrute doesn't have this parametter, but you can use the inbuilt 'Brute Factor' instead to get similar results.<br><br>I hope you enjoy it.<br>
★★★★★ Thunder (fixed version)<br> A storm is coming...<br><br>IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to find the sweet spot turning the LFO &gt; Rate knob slowly. If you don't feel it's phat enough, try placing the 'Analog Brass' overlay that comes with your Microbrute (you know, the yellow sheet of paper in the envelope, look in your Microbrute box). The 'thunderous' sound is marked in red in this knob on that overlay. Maybe your Microbrute is tuned differently, so you will need to try a few times.<br><br>Try using this patch with the -1 and -2 octaves, especially combined with a nice reverb effect, and you won't regret...<br>
★★★★★ Thunder A storm is coming...<br>
★★★★ Parasite Be prepared...<br>
★★★ Furious Try it with short sequences<br>
Patch #898
★★★★★ Funktastic Bass P-Funk Bass
Patch #896
Duo Two pitches
★★★★★ Backstabber <p id="description-text" style="font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400; font-size: medium; font-family: &quot;Noto Sans&quot;, sans-serif;">If you are sequencing a pattern using this patch (great for sequencing IMHO), try unplugging the cable connected to the filter jack once in a while to get a distorted sequence.&nbsp;</p><div style="font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400; font-size: medium; font-family: &quot;Noto Sans&quot;, sans-serif;">You can also play with the ENV AMT knob. Sounds great. Hope you guys like it!</div>
Patch #861
★★★★★ Gabba kick Description<div><br></div>
Funky E-Bass
★★★★★ Arp Minimalistic Metallic arp
★★★★★ Elephant - Tame Impala
★★★★ PLUcked
Steeldrum Kind of Tabla / Steeldrum. Keep Mod at min, with some more you‘re getting Body (mod Not more than 1/3)
★★ E-Piano Lead
Saw Lead
Saw Pad
Patch #850
★★★★★ Warm Bell by GRPHN Dreamy bells, good for ARP, add PWM for higher harmonics.
★★★★ Dimension UK Bass by GRPHN Use with Chorus and a Short Reverb<div>Add Fifth and Ultrasaw for a Detuned Vibe</div><div><br></div>
★★ Bottle whistle The whistling sound of blowing into a glass bottle.
Patch #845
Patch #844
Patch #843
Patch #842
★★★★ Wet Moog Bass Patch (v2) A standard "wet" Minimoog bass patch. Adjust cutoff and resonance to taste.<div>Forgot to set Envelope Amount first time around</div>
★★★★ Wet Moog Bass Standard "wet" Minimoog bass patch. Adjust cutoff and resonance to taste.
★★★ Basic patch
Patch #838
Patch #837
Patch #836
Patch #835
★★★★ Industrial bassline<br>
Patch #833
★★★★ Sudo Mario
★★★★ Glitterpig bassline<br>
Test 01
Patch #829
Patch #828
★★★★ Patch #795 Funk Bass<br>
Number 9 Punchy bass
american National anthem
Patch #792

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