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★★★★★ Bottle whistle The whistling sound of blowing into a glass bottle.
Patch #845
Patch #844
Patch #843
Patch #842
★★★★★ Wet Moog Bass Patch (v2) A standard "wet" Minimoog bass patch. Adjust cutoff and resonance to taste.<div>Forgot to set Envelope Amount first time around</div>
★★★★★ Wet Moog Bass Standard "wet" Minimoog bass patch. Adjust cutoff and resonance to taste.
Basic patch
Patch #838
Patch #837
Patch #836
Patch #835
★★★★ Industrial bassline<br>
Patch #833
★★★★ Sudo Mario
★★★★ Glitterpig bassline<br>
Test 01
Patch #829
Patch #828
★★★★★ Patch #795 Funk Bass<br>
Number 9 Punchy bass
american National anthem
Patch #792
★★★★★ bass clarinet<br> Fine tune for personal preference, but not too far off.<br>
lowrey organ<br> Fine tune LFO amount and rate to taste<br>
★★★★ berlin sequencer or lead
helico pinkgeno <br> modmax
Patch #787
basic patch
★★★★★ alpaca pluck play with overtone and sub knobs
★★★ Alpaca swario lead connect cv gate out in filter cv in and pitch out in metal cv in
★★★ synthwawe bass / qx<br> bass, synthwawe, polysix<br>
Patch #782
metalic lead metalic lead with some bass drops in a sequence and mod wheel on or under half. Have fun with it.
Patch #780
Saw pad perfect with just a little chorus
★★★★ DnB BASS<br>
★★★★ Swirly lead
Patch #776
Fasten your seatbelts - pendulum<br>
Patch #774
Patch #773
Patch #772
Patch #771
★★★★ Patch #769 I Feel Love Bass (Minimoog Moroder style)
Patch #768
★★★★ Bass 5te pulse Play with cutoff ans rate from LFo
★★★★ Detroit Sequenced Bass (E1,E1,<span style="font-family: &quot;Noto Sans&quot;, sans-serif; font-size: medium; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: 400;">C1,C1 x 16, H1,H1,F1,F1 x 16)</span>

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